Dosio Vigneti, Piemonte

True Passion for Wine – Barolo’s Untouched by Time

The Dosio company is set in a renovated farmstead, which dates back in the 18th century. Located on the hills of the La Morra area, in the heart of Langhe, its vineyards are historic crus in the municipalities of La Morra and Barolo such as for example, Fossati, Serradenari, and Nassone. The traditional vines that have made the Langhe famous all over the world, such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Freisa and Arneis, are cultivated along with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, all under the careful supervision of the oenologist Marco Dotta.

Only quality grapes can make great wines. Exposure, slope, the nature and structure of the soil are of fundamental importance, but need to go together with a careful tending of vineyards that respects the territory. The entire production shares the same care and attention at each step of the process in order to obtain high quality wines. The sparing use of technology without altering the natural processes, optimises the production process. Every intervention has been made respecting the traditions, in order to create a bridge between past and present and to fully respect such a wonderful territory.

Dosio is, in fact, a true passion for wine which has remained untouched by time.

  • Producer: Dosio Vigneti
  • Winemaker: Marco Dotta
  • Owner: Gianfranco Lanci
  • Area: La Morra, Barolo
  • Established: 1974
  • Number hectare: 11
  • Annual production: 60.000
  • ECO/BIO: No
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