Arlaux Père et Fils, Champagne

This jewel of a Champagne comes from a single grower based in the village of Vrigny on the Petite Montagne de Reims. Arlaux vineyard is fully embedded in the “Parc Naturel de la Montagne de Reims”.

Managed by Pierre and Christine Arlaux-Marechal, Champagne Arlaux has production of a mere 60.000 bottles/year. Harvested by hand at perfect maturity, they are subject to a careful winemaking during which only the juices of the first pressing (“Tête de Cuvée”) are used. Benefiting from a long ageing process, generally reserved for prestigious vintages (four years for Brut non-vintage to up to ten years for vintages), Arlaux champagnes offer a large aromatic range and a finesse to meet the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts.

The Arlaux Brut Cuvée is the first NV Champagne to ever receive 92 points by Parker.

Far removed from fashion and large-scale distribution, the house of Arlaux Champagne appeals to the finest palates on all of the five continents. Exceptional and very confidential, Arlaux is the favourite champagne of starred tables from Tokyo to Los Angeles, Macao or Abu Dhabi. Its secret? A family saga of course, but also land and climate that are out of the ordinary. Since 1826, the Arlaux family has been following the sole value of excellence coupled with a unique rule that favours quality at every step of the production process along with respect for the land and fellow human beings.

Entirely classified as a Premier Cru, the Arlaux vineyard has been worked without any pesticides since 1997. Through superb care, its grapes are among the most beautiful ones from the “Montagne de Reims”, the historical heart of the Champagne region. From generation to generation, the Arlaux family has remained flawlessly true to its vocation, which more than champagne, embodies a style, a spirit… Perfection, elegance and discretion.

Exclusively distributed, these wines are available in high-end restaurants and luxury hotels of many countries worldwide. We are very proud and honored to represent Arlaux Champagnes in Sweden and hope you will like it as much as we do.

  • Producer: Arlaux Père et Fils
  • Winemaker:
  • Owner: Christine Arlaux-Marechal
  • Area: Vrigny / Montagne de Reims
  • Established: 1826
  • Number hectare:
  • Annual production: 60.000 bottles
  • ECO/BIO: Yes, ecological production (but not certified)
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