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Reconnaissance Wine works with Tender Requests for Systembolaget* in Sweden. We have own experience from working at Systembolaget purchasing department, and we are happy to help you to get access to this great sales opportunity. Current tenders are presented below per country, so just click on your flag. New tenders are released every quarter – sign up for our newsletter on the Contact page, or check this webpage for latest news.
Please note that we add our commission on top of the price paid from you, so there is no cost for using our services.

Systembolaget puts great importance in quality/price ratio and the wines you submit for a tender goes through a blindtasting process and sensory analysis to select the winner. Usually minimum 25-30 wines are competing for each tender. However, the deciding factor for winning the tender and launching a new product is the quality of the Product and the match versus the tender specifications (tasting notes, vintage, price etc). This way the selection is brand neutral. Let the best wine win!

The Fixed Assortment at Systembolaget comprises a total of approximately 2.400 items carefully selected via this strict purchasing process. (These are the tenders requests you find below. If your wine wins such a tender, distribution is guaranteed for minimum 6 months).
The Ordering Assortment carry 13.000 additional products that are available for consumers to order online and pick up at any Systembolaget store, or even with home delivery. All wines in Reconnaissance Wine’s portfolio are available to consumers online.
Systembolaget also has an Exclusive Temporary Assortment, which consists of exclusive wines with high international recognition (92+ in WA/WE/WS or 3 biccieri in GR) and high consumer demand. Launches in the ETA are made every month. These wines are selected and approved by Systembolagets purchasers after input from the importers, and thereby by-pass the normal blindtasting process. Reconnaissance Wine are happy to discuss your wine portfolio and present relevant offers to Systembolaget for listing in this exclusive assortment (exellar price 5-25 €). Volumes are one-shots, normally 300-3000 bottles, and a great PR opportunity. (Please click on your flag below and use ‘Tender Request Exclusive Temporary Assortment’.)

*Systembolaget is the monopoly for alcohol distribution in Sweden and has a nationwide retail network of more than 400 own stores and 500 partner stores. The product range of wine, strong beer and spirits is one of the most comprehensive in the world. There were 120 million customer visits to Systembolaget’s stores in 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the tender process or the opportunities in the Swedish wine market, please call or email us and we will be happy to assist.



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