Poggio Antico, Montalcino

Super Premium Brunello

Poggio Antico is located in Montalcino, 50 km south of Siena. At 450 meters above sea level, Poggio Antico is one of the highest altitude producers of Brunello. The steady breezes at this altitude sweep away morning and evening fogs and early frosts, and dry the grapes after every rain, thereby preventing the development of mold. This highly privileged position and sunny vineyards facing south to southwest guarantee optimum growing conditions, particularly during the crucial maturation period when the grapes gradually reach perfect balance between sugar and acidity.

The development of Poggio Antico started in the late 1970s and the original 20 hectars was purchased in 1984 by Giancarlo and Nuccia Gloder. At this time Montalcino only had a few dozen wineries. Their youngest daughter, Paola Gloder, has managed Poggio Antico since 1987. Her husband, Alberto Montefiori, joined her in 1998. Claudio Ferretti supervises the cellar and the vineyards.

The estate now includes about 200 hectares of beautiful woods, fields, olive groves and about 32.5 hectares of the estate are under vine. The calcareous and rocky soil ensures perfect drainage and is particularly suited for growing the high quality grapes necessary for full-bodied wines such as Brunello. The vineyard’s elevation delivers cool evening temperatures which promote superb bouquet and mellow harmony.

From the start Poggio Antico’s objective has been high quality, combined with first class service and great attention to detail. Passion for nature, hard manual work in the vineyards, extremely low yields, modern technology in the cellar and a lot of patience come together to produce super premium wines. The unique combination of altitude, positioning, and soil quality gives Poggio Antico wines their special character and elegance. The wines are structured for extensive cellar life yet are elegantly charming in their youth.

Since 1990 Poggio Antico’s wines have been rated by Wine Spectator 5 times within the “Top 100 Wines of the Year”.

  • Producer: Poggio Antico
  • Winemaker: Carlo Ferrini
  • Owner: Paola Gloder Montefiori and Alberto Montefiori
  • Area: Montalcino
  • Established: 1970
  • Number hectare: 32,5
  • Annual production: 100.000 bottles
  • ECO/BIO: No
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