Exclusive Temporary Assortment

Exclusive Temporary Assortment

  • Tender reference number: 296000
  • Monopoly: Systembolaget Sweden
  • Assortment: Exclusive Temporary Assortment
  • Distribution: Systembolaget 'top-stores' (normally 5-60 stores)
  • Deadline written offer:
  • Start date:
  • Launch date:
  • Characteristics: An exclusive wine with very high international recognition and top scores (92+)

Product requirements

  • Country of origin: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, USA
  • Type of product: Red, White or Rosé wine, Champagne
  • Region:
  • Vintage:
  • Grapes:
  • Ex. cellar price: 5,00-25,00 €
  • Minimum volume (units): 300-3000 bottles (volume is depending on expected consumer demand and attractiveness of offer = price/quality ratio)
  • Type of container: Glass bottle
  • Container size: 375 ml, 750 ml, 1500 ml
  • Sugar level:
  • Other requirements: We welcome you to offer exclusives wine with very high international recognition and top scores (minimum 92 Points in WA/WS/WE/Decanter, or 3 biccieri GR).

    The process to get a listing in Systembolagets Exclusive Temporary Asortment is different from the normal tender process for the Fixed Assortment. The two main differences are:
    -Exclusive listings are based on input from the importers (and not on a request from Systembolaget). Therefore it is very important to frequently give the purchasers many different options to chose from, and we present constantly new exclusive offers to Systembolaget every month.
    -The blind tasting phase is by-passed, and it is only the responsible buyer at Systembolaget that tastes the wine and then decides to buy it or not. The price/quality ratio is of paramount importance.

    The lead time from acceptance to delivery is up to 6 months, but can be fast tracked. Wines are launched in the Exclusive Temporary Assortment every month around the year, and are very appreciated by wine journalists and well presented in media. Therefore, a listing in the Temporary Assortment can be seen as a marketing investment to make your brand visible on Systembolaget's shelves and to the Swedish consumers. This can be followed by a launch in the Ordering Assortment. Please contact us to discuss the best entry strategy for your brand.

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